Play Tug o’ War at Beltane!

There will be an epic game of Tug o’ War at Beltane this year. Choose your side: “Winter” or “Summer” and PULLLLL!!!

Tug O’ War

Tug-O-War Rules

  1. No Cleats
  2. No Gloves
  3. No Tape
  4. No Glue
  5. No Sitting
  6. If you fall down you must stand immediately or be disqualified
  7. No hand-over-hand pulling. Players must move with the rope when pulling
  8. No knots or loops in the rope
  9. Starting Cues
  10. “Take the strain” – teams pick up rope and remove slack
  11. “Ready, Set” – set hands and feet, prepare to pull
  12.  “Pull!” – pulling begins

First team to pull mid-rope marker 6 ft. beyond midline is the winner.
All members of the winning team will receive the grand prize of eternal glory!

Heckling is encouraged!!!

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